Marketing Cardboard Cutouts

We at The Cardboard Cut Out Company understand the value of a strong atmosphere. Whether it’s at a wedding, a marketing event, or on top of a cake, a cardboard cut out adds something unexpected to an event.

Simply send us a picture of a friend or loved one, or select a celebrity online and we’ll turn it into a cardboard cut out for you. It’s that simple. Whether you’re looking for an entertaining cardboard cut out, or something similar to a standee, a marketing cardboard cutout. We have you covered and are ready to go above and beyond to create that memorable figure, standing out in the crowd.

With a cardboard cut out at your wedding, all your guests immediately have a topic to discuss. Whether it’s a loved one who couldn’t make the day, or a celebrity figure to have a laugh over, The Cardboard cut out company have the entertainment value that you’re looking for.

Alternatively, utilise a standee at a business event, quickly identifying a person of interest, adding tone to the event or even, pointing people in the right direction!

To find out more about the wide range of services we have on offer, simply check out our website here. Alternatively give us a ring on: 07923 033 682. Here, you’ll reach our customer service and be treated to a high quality care that matches our high quality service.