Free Standing Cardboard Cutouts

Make your quarantine memorable with our free-standing cardboard cutouts

Here at The Cardboard Cutout Company we are here to help make your time in isolation that little bit easier and bearable with our cardboard cutouts. Perhaps you have a family member you miss dearly and want to see their face each morning? Or maybe you’d like to enjoy isolation with a fellow celebrity crush? Whoever you want to see in your living room, you’ve come to the right people.

Why choose The Cardboard Cutout Company?

We provide a value-for-money service that doesn’t compromise on the quality of work we do. We believe our prices reflect the hard work we put into our services and we ensure we keep them competitive.

Unlike our competitors, we offer high quality products and unrivalled customer service. Our friendly and approachable team will work hard to make sure your cutout is as realistic as possible, so you get as close to the real deal as possible

To go ahead and order your cardboard cutout, just follow the steps on our website and we’ll do the rest! It’s business as usual so don’t put off your order- treat yourself today!