Foldable Quality Cardboard Cutouts

Three reasons to choose our foldable cardboard cutouts

Do you want to have an extra special guest this Christmas? Perhaps you have a celebrity crush that you’d love to have by your side? Or maybe you want to make someone laugh by investing in a cardboard cutout of their favourite person?

At The Cardboard Cutout Company we are here to give you high quality foldable cardboard cutouts that look almost as good as the real deal. Here are just three reasons why so many people choose us:

Precision at every turn– thanks to our expert eye and state of the art machinery, we cut as close to the print as possible so it looks realistic.

Flexible to your needs– whatever request you have, we promise we’ve heard it all. Whether you’re looking for a cardboard cutout of a pet, loved one, friend or celebrity, we can accommodate to your needs.

Reasonable prices– we keep things simple, professional and affordable. Our prices are more than reasonable and we keep it competitive to keep up with the rest.

To choose a foldable cardboard cutout, follow the steps on our website and let us know your exact requirements and we’ll get back to you.