Cardboard Cutouts

Make your party one to remember with our cardboard cutouts

Do you want the guests at your party to have a fun and memorable time? Perhaps you want to give the gift of laughter at your birthday party? Maybe you want to offer something different at your next function? By investing in our cardboard cutouts you can have the unlikeliest of guests at your party and make it a night to remember.

The choice is yours when it comes to your cardboard cut out

Here at The Cardboard Cutout Company we have seen it all and no request is too big. Whether you wish to have a cardboard cut out of someone famous, a close friend or relative or something totally unique to you- we can deliver the results you’re looking for.

Unlike our competitors, we pride ourselves on our accuracy, so you won’t have to worry about seeing any white backgrounds that ruin the effect of the cutout. Instead, we’ll take the time to cut carefully around the image so that it looks real and stands out.

To speak to us about your special requirements, call us today on 07923 033 682 where we’ll be happy to help.